A downloadable game for Windows

A VR spot the difference game, where one item in the room teleports while it's no being looked at. Find the item that keeps moving!

Narrative Overview

You are a thief.
Your prize? Quantum relics.
Retrieve the randomized relics and become the best burglar!

Game Overview

Player Count: 1

Average Playtime: 1-2 min per level

Genre: Singleplayer, VR, Seek-and-Find, Puzzle, 3D, GGJ'22

Game Objective

Among the objects in an environment, find the quantum object.


Requires Windows PC to play. Requires VR setup (Only tested on Oculus Rift S)


Install instructions

Program works with OCULUS devices only


RichRelicsV0.1.0Windows.zip 107 MB


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A nice fun game.

Here's my attempt. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for playing! Hope you enjoyed!

What a super fun and creative game! Simple in premise but so fun to just explore and play with the physics. Mind bending mechanic when you think about it too much.  Nothing but fun!